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Laser Hair Removal for the Underarms and Pubic Area

Laser Hair Removal for the Underarms and Pubic Area

It cannot be denied that getting rid of unwanted hair is tedious. Shaving, and waxing may do the job, but in a week or two you’ll have to go through the process again. The risk of irritation, itching and ingrown hairs make the task far less appealing. But what can you do about it? You just can’t move around with your underarm hair on display à la Julia Roberts, right? Hair removal is a necessary annoyance but laser hair removal for the underarms, pubic area or any other body part can ease the hassle.

Thankfully, laser hair removal means you can have a way to permanently remove unwanted hair. This technology involves packets of high-energy light that target melanin, the pigment in hair, and disables the hair follicle altogether. While the effectiveness depends on factors like skin color, hair color, and hair thickness, 5 to 6 sessions of this painless procedure means you may never have to face the hassle of unwanted hair again.

Julia Roberts underarm hair

Laser hair removal for underarms

Perhaps the most popular problem areas for women are the underarms. To confidently sport a sleeveless top, you have to make sure that your underarms are hairless. Laser hair removal for underarms is usually the first procedure that people try out as the concerned area is relatively small.  Each session takes only about 10 minutes. However, the laser only works on hairs that are in their growth phase, so you may have to work around the growth pattern and return for a few more sessions to get rid of all unwanted underarm hair for good.

Laser hair removal for pubic hair

Laser hair removal on the genital area is not only for aesthetic reasons but it also holds several hygiene purposes. As sweat and bodily fluids can adhere to pubic hair, there is the increased chance of unpleasant odors caused by these fluids. Excess hair can also provide ideal conditions for bacteria, so one argument against pubic hair is hygiene.

The pubic area is highly sensitive. Shaving and waxing may inflame the hair follicles, thereby creating itchy and painful ingrown hairs. Your problem on bikini hair may be compounded as these ingrown hairs get infected. With waxing, it is a lot more common than you think! Laser hair removal on the pubic hair is the better long term alternative to shaving and waxing.


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