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Laser Hair Removal for the Genital Area

Laser Hair Removal for the Genital Area

Never has mankind been this eager to get rid of their pubic hair (or at least we hadn’t been so open about it!). Apart from the usual shaving and waxing, a new trend is gaining momentum – laser hair removal for the genital/pubic area. The procedure of laser pubic hair removal is, in essence, the same for both males and females. Technically speaking, it involves the direction of a high energy beam of light on the genital area for several very short time intervals. This beam transfers its huge amount of energy to the dark pigment in hair follicles in order to kill them off. The result is that it puts an end to the body’s natural hair growth procedure in that area.

Since laser beams are directly focused on your skin, there are some possible side effects; side effects vary with the complexion of your skin and the experience of the technician or dermatologist. Neither fatal nor permanent, the redness and swelling disappear soon after each treatment.

Laser Hair Removal on Pubic Area

Contrary to the scare stories that we sometimes hear, laser hair removal for the genital area, or for any other body part for that matter, isn’t that painful. Laser pubic hair removal does create a slight degree of discomfort since the skin there is very sensitive but the swelling and redness goes away after a few days and common off-the-shelf skin creams can bring relief.

There are two types of genital area laser hair removal methods; partial and complete. By going for partial, you will still have to use another method to maintain any remaining hair so the majority of people who get laser pubic hair removal method usually choose a complete job.

Common types of lasers used for the genital area are;

  • Alexandrite
  • Nd:YAG
  • Pulsed Diode Array
  • Argon
  • Ruby

It is good to note that Argon and Ruby are generally being phased out as the wavelengths of other types of laser are generally more suitable for the skin. It is advisable that you check with your technician which laser they use and to carry out a patch test before committing to a course of treatments.

As far as the cost is concerned, it takes about 4 sessions to completely get rid of pubic hair with each session costing between $150 and $550. The total cost laser pubic hair removal will directly depend on the number of sessions you need; different skin types require a different number of sessions.

After you get your pubic hair removed, you will have to protect your genital area from direct sunlight for about 5 weeks to 7 weeks. That means no naked sun bathing!

People today are increasingly giving a preference to laser hair removal for genital area over the traditional methods of shaving and waxing. Laser pubic hair removal gives you permanent relief and also saves you from the problem of ingrown hair, blade cuts and pubic pimples.

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