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5 Ways to Include Green Tea in Your Skin Care Regimen

5 Ways to Include Green Tea in Your Skin Care Regimen

This article was submitted by EJ Poole a wife, mother of 2 and It Works Global distributor residing in the state of North Carolina. Her favorite It Works products include the Ultimate Body Applicator and Hair Skin Nails Nourishing Complex.

Green tea, now considered a super-food has been a staple in traditional Chinese herbal medicine for centuries. Botanically it is known as Camellia Sinesis and comes from the same plant as the 3 other forms of tea: white, oolong and black. Green tea however, is not fermented during processing and for this reason it retains more nutrients.

Whether taking orally or applied topically, the benefits of green tea are numerous. Green tea is extremely high in antioxidants giving it potent anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants are also critical in helping to protect the body against free radicals; free radicals are a primary factor in premature aging. This is why green tea is often the primary ingredient in all the best skin care products.

Incorporating green tea into your daily skin care routine is easy and because of it’s popularity, it will also be relatively inexpensive.


1. As a drink: Although there are no definitive studies of how much green tea one must drink in order to experience the various health benefits, researchers agree that one to two cups of tea per day is a start. Keep in mind that green tea contains natural caffeine so you don’t want to go overboard. When possible, purchase organic green tea from natural food stores such as Wholefoods or specialty stores such as Teavana.

2. As a steam treatment: Steam treatments enhance circulation, increase perspiration (which helps to remove toxins) and is a nice way to open your pores and soften the build-up within them making it easier to remove. Instead of using just plain water, break open a green tea bag and empty the contents into your steaming bowl.

3. As a toner: Make your own skin toner by steeping a pot of green tea, allowing it to cool and then putting the liquid in a sterilized container with a lid or spray bottle. Apply with a cotton ball or spritz on your face as needed.

4. Adding it to your skin care products: Steep your tea bag in hot water for a roughly 30-45 seconds or enough time to allow the tea to soften. Take about 2 or so tablespoons and add it to your favorite cream-based facial cleanser and then mix it well. What you’ll have is similar to a mask, apply it to your face and leave it on for 5 to 30 minutes, then rinse.

5. Skin care products that include green tea: Whether for fighting acne or anti-aging, the best, most effective skin care solution systems all include green tea as a primary ingredient. After having tried some of the most expensive department and specialty store brands, I’ve found my favorite skin care products in the line by It Works! Global. You may be most familiar with the company’s Ultimate Body Applicator “body wrap” (which also contains green tea extract) but the skin care line which includes a facial mask, cleanser, toner, lip & eye cream, and both age preventing and age repairing moisturizers – are also wildly popular items. Green tea extract is a primary ingredient in all these products.

With a bit of effort, green tea can be seamlessly added to your existing skin care regimen. Try cleansing and moisturizing with green tea skin care products in the morning followed by a cup of green tea and weekly green tea steam treatments and facial masks.

How do you use green tea? Leave a comment below sharing your favorite green tea use!


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