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Anti-Aging 101: Causes, Symptoms, And Preventative Measures

Anti-Aging 101: Causes, Symptoms, And Preventative Measures

anti aging skin care

Aging is a simple fact of life. We can’t stop the clock but some of us may choose to stop how the clock affects our skin. Anti-aging skin care involves taking preventative and medicinal measures to take care of your skin as it changes with time. These changes will not prevent aging but lessen the impending changes as time goes by.

What is Anti-Aging Skin Care?

This type of skin care is the new buzz term in our media. Many companies claim to reduce, reverse or change the effects of aging.   This is a hard claim to prove but it is desired by the masses as we get older. Since we can’t control time, take control over internal and external elements that affect our skin. These include:

  • Sun Exposure
    • This may include reducing ones exposure to sun or protecting your skin while in the sun. It may also involve
  • Diet
    • Understanding how your diet affects your skin can also effect the aging process. Eating a balance healthy diet that includes important vitamins that are beneficial to one’s skin and health will enhance the look of aging skin.
  • Exercise
    • Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight are essential in the aging process. A healthy body runs more efficiently and slows down the effects of inactivity on a body that is slowing from the effects of time.
  • Smoking
    • This habit can inversely affect the condition of your skin internally and externally. The internal changes affect the condition of your internal organs and overall health while the external effects are exaggerated due to the puckered lips when smoking and smoke exposure on the skin.
  • Heredity
    • If your parents started showing signs of aging early, then you will probably have the save signs in your life.

What are some of signs of aging?

Wrinkles and sagginess are the two most recognized indicators of aging skin. They may make the face appear drawn and sunken as time progresses.

As the skin ages, it becomes less elastic and renews at a slower rate. Due to this, the skin may become dull in its appearance or rough in its texture.

Why is anti-aging skin important?

Looking your best is not a vain goal. When you look good, you feel good. Often people may encounter self-esteem issues when they realize their looks have changed.

Proactive measure taken to combat the sign of aging can enhance the person’s outward and internal beauty.

anti aging skin care

How can I stop the signs of aging?

Taking proactive measure can ensure that you are minimizing the effects of aging on your skin. These steps will not eliminate the signs but make them occur at a slower pace:

  • Stop Smoking
    • Quitting this habit has a dual effect. You not only prolong your life but you stop the daily skin exposure to smoke and minimize the line on your face due to puckering your lips as you smoke
  • Eat Healthy
    • A healthy diet allows your internal organs to function optimally. This should be the first step in your anti-aging journey so your insides match your outward appearance.
    • Your balanced diet should include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins,
  • Exercise
    • The benefits of exercise include moving the aging body so it doesn’t become stiff and less flexible.
  • Water
    • Water intake is often overlooked because it is so basic. Many people are substituting sugary drinks instead of
  • Sleep
    • A good night’s sleep can make anyone look 1000 times better. Repetitive sleepless nights can inversely affect how you appear.
  • Stress
    • Limiting your stress intake and managing how you deal with stress are key to taking care of your skin.

Keep a consistent daily routine to care for your skin. These minor steps enhance your skin and keep it looking its best!

  • Care for the skin
    • Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin and exposure the new skin beneath. When this is done on a consistent basis, olay regenerist anti aging moisturing treatmentyouthful skin can be exposed
    • Moisturizing your skin gives you skin the needed moisture is loses when the skin is being cleaned or exfoliated.
    • SPF – SPF usage is essential for daily skin care. Most people remember it on sunny days but it is important to wear it every day!
  • Over The Counter
    • When used daily,  retinoids can minimize the appearance of lines and blotchiness that appear on the skin. You must use skin screen in conjunction with these products to prevent sun burn.
    • Glycolic Acids can exfoliate the skin more aggressively to reveal brighter skin. You must use skin screen in conjunction with these products to prevent sun burn.